About us

The Trust was founded by people who have led high–performing schools in the UK, Europe and Asia. Our collective expertise is demonstrated in track records of outstanding school improvement as heads, teachers, local authority advisers and Ofsted inspectors.

Our school experience spans the entire national and international spectrum: boarding and day, independent, academies and maintained, high attaining and highly challenged.

Our central team includes finance, HR and governance expertise of the highest order. We also have best in class professional support from our estates partner, our auditors and our lawyers.

We share a conviction that great schools are built on rich extra-curricular programmes and high quality pastoral care as well as an inspiring curriculum, expertly taught. We know there are no limits for students and staff where commitment and enjoyment go together.

Schools have histories and are rooted in local communities. The Trust seeks to use those histories to:

  • renew their visions
  • preserve their uniqueness and
  • give excellent service to their communities.

GST schools share the expression of those visions and strategies through a common frame of reference, which makes mutual challenge and inspiration both natural and easy.

Being part of something bigger provides a wider stage for gifted and experienced teachers and leaders, offering them scope to have an impact beyond one school. It also means that support is readily available from people who understand the school and everyone’s role within it.

It is more important than ever for schools, their leaders and their staff to form networks locally and beyond so that their horizons remain open, their thinking broad and challenging and their personal and professional development opportunities of the highest order. The Trust encourages its schools to stay active in local clusters and consortia as well as enjoying the wider network of the GST family of schools and the team of HQ staff.

If you join a Trust school as a member of staff, you will:

  • grow as a person and a professional
  • unleash the leader in you
  • have the scope to share your passions and your expertise.

If you attend a Trust school as a pupil, you will be:

  • known and supported as a person
  • encouraged to explore and experiment
  • challenged to learn the discipline of becoming expert
  • expected to reach national norms as a minimum
  • inspired to achieve your personal best.


Our ambition

To be a highly respected 3-18 education provider for communities in the Midlands and the South East making maximum difference to children’s life choices into the 22nd century.

This year we have been laying the infrastructural foundations for growth. We will soon have 8,500 pupils, coming close to our original target of 10,000. However, the move to an all academy system combined with our determination to grow through education in our existing hubs means that we will revise that pupil number to 12,000.

We will remain family-sized because that is a key element of our identity as a Trust. We must always know every school in great depth and detail and they must know each other.

We build a self-improving system based on:

  • rivalry not competition
  • equal status and mutual respect between primary and secondary schools
  • research-based school-led developments
  • shared traditions such as annual Trust arts and sports festivals and a founders’ day focused on service to the community
  • a genuinely Head-led Trust.


The challenges

The academy policy provokes strong feelings and we are proud that many are truly inspired by being part of the Trust. Our pupils and parents are vocal in their appreciation of the broad and excellent provision offered by the Trust for all of our children.

Despite views and protestations from those who oppose the government’s academies programme, we remain focused on the real agenda of delivering and serving our pupils and their communities.

If you would like to join us or to find out more about us, contact us.