Our Team


Julie Adams

Julie has spent over 20 years working in the management consulting industry focused on the oil and gas sector, including several years working at an international oil company. She currently holds a leadership position in the consulting firm Accenture, leading a global Resources and Energy Research team. Her career has involved a focus on strategic analysis, risk assessment and people development, as well as a deep understanding of the external factors which can drive and shape the development of any business or public sector organisation. Julie is actively involved in training and education in her current role, and has some experience of teaching early in her career, including a year spent teaching in Bordeaux, France. She holds a post graduate qualification in Information Technology and Business Studies, as well as a Joint Honours Degree in French and History from the University of Warwick.

Trevor Edinborough

Trevor has many years of experience in the education sector and in school improvement, working across the public, private and charity sectors. He has worked extensively in the UK as well as internationally. He was a successful headteacher in two very different inner-city comprehensive schools and has had wide ranging experience in the delivery of local authority services at Assistant Director and Deputy Director levels. In addition, Trevor has significant international experience in the delivery of major education priorities and has a successful track record in the development and delivery of national government contracts. Having been instrumental in the progress the Trust as part of its Executive Team during its early years, Trevor has returned to Chair the GST Board.

Sarah Galvani

Sarah Galvani is Professor of Social Research and Substance Use at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has an international reputation for her research and practice development work. In particular, her early work around alcohol and domestic violence remains a significant contributor to the field of substance use research and theory development, as well as her subsequent work focussed on substance use in social work education and practice. Currently, her work focusses on research with groups of people using substances who are further marginalised. She is widely published and has served on a number of influential advisory bodies. She also has broad experience of corporate governance, having supported several charities as a trustee.