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The Big Draw has been a proud tradition of the Griffin Schools Trust for the past 4 years. This year instead of just drawing something of interest or working on a large group drawing we have developed a small project for all GST students which will develop their drawing techniques


The aim of the Big Draw this year is to develop drawing skills through the medium of cartooning. Professional cartoonist, Tim Sanders, who is based at Willowbrook school, will provide stimulus material for a series of drawing activities. Primary students might work through a different part of the activity over a 4 week block, whilst secondary students could do the entire project over the course of a lesson.



The project has 4 parts:

  1. What is a cartoon? How cartoonists use exaggeration to create recognisable characters. Drawing yourself as a cartoon character.
  2. Drawing technique to capture movement, expression, etc
  3. Telling a story 
  4. (Extension) Comparing and discussing professional cartoons and exploring further techniques.