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Students from The Lammas School had the opportunity to engage in a poetry writing workshop at Monoux College with Anthony Anaxagorou, a British-born Cypriot poet writer and publisher, alongside students from Ursuline Academy Ilford and Eden Girls School.

All students participated in a freestyle poetry writing competition and the winner was Valeria Z from Lammas. Please read her winning entry below:



The dark grey walls grow higher and higher,

The windows shut inside the paint;

Mushroom rise downwards from above

Changing colour as the moods change.


All around, roots embrace the bed

Wood to wood, together again.

It’s 3 in the morning, but no moon outside,

Or sky, or stars, or hope, or life.


Flowers bloom through the paintings,

Destroying and having fun;

Taking back what they had prior,

The colour and the shade of thoughts.


However the flowers die and dry

And the roots run away,

The mushrooms fall and turn grey

Like the dark grey walls in her room again.