Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: An East London Griffin Production


This year, we saw our second joint schools production between the staff and students of Year 4 from Willow Brook and Riverley Primary schools in our East London Hub. They performed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a scrumdiliumptious production based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Drawing on the success of last year’s production the Year 4s surpassed themselves writing the songs for the production and helping their Director Nathan Guy to write the script. Together they took the story of the famous book as a starting point, and over six months developed through their literacy, music and drama lessons and after school drama and art clubs an original piece of theatre.

Cast and company performed the premiere at Willow Brook culminating in a tour of three of our Medway Schools.

The children’s incredible commitment has shown throughout the year; staying after school to rehearse every Tuesday and Thursday since January, as well as taking part in extra rehearsals during their holidays.

We would to thank parents and carers for their support as well as our partner schools in Medway for hosting the tour. The staff of both Willow Brook & Riverley, including the Senior Leaders who have been so enthusiastic about the project, we want to thank you also. A special thanks goes to the Year 4 teachers who have put up with the disruption caused by rehearsals!


To those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the performance and to our student performers a huge congratulations!