Sports and Arts Fund


The Sports and Arts Fund (SAF) was set up in 2018 for all pupils in Years 3 to 13 in the Trust to apply for support in funding extracurricular interests which they have already pursued for some time. The fund is not intended to support new interests but to help pay for better quality or higher standard specialist equipment that a student needs to take the skill to the next level.

The first round of applications has already proved very successful and revealed some inspiring pupils who have already invested heavily in pursuing a passions such as competitive ice skating, athletics and learning musical instruments.

To see how the fund has already benefited pupils across our Trust, please see our SAF Success Stories.

There are two main ways to raise money for SAF this year: Challenge 26 and 2018 Sale.

If you would like to donate to our Sports and Arts Fund please click the button below:


Challenge 26

Inspired by the 26.2 miles of the marathon, schools will be taking part in Challenge 26. Students will set themselves a sporting challenge involving the number 26. Examples of previous challenges include rowing 26 miles, doing 26 star jumps each day for 26 days, running a 26 mile relay, etc. The challenges can be completed by individuals or in groups.  All sponsorship money raised will be added to the central Sports and Arts Fund.


2018 Item Sale

We have set ourselves the challenge of gathering and selling 2018 items during the year. Our former CEOs, staff in the central team and colleagues from schools are selling personal items in order to raise funds for SAF. The items range from antiques, crafts, arts to good quality clothing and accessories.

To see the range of items we have on sale, please follow our social media accounts:


Instagram: @the2018sale

Facebook: The 2018 Sale


After our successful launch at the Catford Arts Trail this year, we will be holding a 2018 shop event at the Trust Head Quarters on the last Sunday of every month. The monthly event will be a space for local artists, crafters and makers in Catford to celebrate their work. Come along and enjoy tea, coffee and cake with the chance to go home with a new purchase.

Upcoming sale dates:

2018 Shop – 25th November 2018, 12 – 4pm

2018 Shop – 27th January 2019, 12 – 4pm