‘Long Live the Letter!’


Race Leys Junior School letter writing project.

As a way of kick starting and raising the awareness of writing across the school and writing for a real purpose, pupils were encouraged to write to an inspirational person of their choice (sports people, authors, teachers, actor or singer etc.) asking for their support and explaining the importance of letter writing in the modern world.  In their letters the pupils argued that the art of writing letters is being lost as more and more daily communication is happening through mobile phones and computers and that letters could bring excitement and happiness to those who receive them.

Across the school pupils chose their inspirational people, researched their addresses, wrote their letters, posted them and then waited for the magic moment to arrive. And oh did it arrive! Pupils and staff alike were delighted with the results of their hard work as letters were read out in assembly each day,  starting with none other than a hand written postcard from Sir David Attenborough,  wonderful replies by several famous authors & poets including:  J.K.Rowling, David Walliams, Paul Cookson and Julia Donaldsonn as well as several signed photographs of footballers, racing drivers and pop stars. The icing on the cake was a letter addressed to the whole school from Buckingham Palace on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen expressing their support and admiration for the campaign.