Medway’s MeAndYouTopia production!


Since October last year 30 students, ten from each of our Medway schools – Kingfisher, Lordswood and Saxon Way, have been working with our Director of Drama and Performance, Lucy Cuthbertson, and professional playwright, Ben Hales, on an original production called MeAndYouTopia.

The idea was to create a play from scratch with the students around the Trust’s theme of Utopia, using their ideas and working alongside Ben Hales. For most of the cast this was their first experience of structured drama work.

The original concept of Utopia is famously attributed to Thomas More (1478-1535). More’s Utopia was an island society, and in his book he included detailed maps and descriptions of how he imagined life there to be. The students used these ideas in their own play, whilst also considering their own thoughts on Utopian life, this included everything from world peace to ice-cream on tap; a place where everyone can be themselves; free wi-fi; a place with no crowds; less pollution and more tree. Whilst writing about their perceptions of Utopia the play also touches upon the current refugee crisis, making MeAndYouTopia a very interesting and thought-provoking original script.

Although a daunting experience at the beginning due to having started rehearsals as three different and separate schools, the coming together of the students and staff resulted in a real positive outcome for all. Students were delighted by the experience and look forward to a collaboration in the future with other schools. Laura, a student from Saxon Way, said:

“We were like the Mes and Yous because at first all the schools were afraid of each other. But then we became friends just like the Me and Yous in the play.”

The play has just finished being performed at each of the Medway schools and now the cast and company are preparing to tour to East London to perform at Riverley and Willow Brook Primary Schools.

We would to thank you parents and carers for their support and the staff for their immeasurable help on this project. Special thanks to Lucy Cuthbertson and Ben Hales for their direction and guidance.

To those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the performance and to our student performers a massive well done!