New Online Fundraising Tool


We have officially launched our online fundraising programme this week ahead of our Founders Day on Friday 10th March. Every year, Founders day takes the theme of community service and enables all pupils to make a difference to the lives of others. Our preferred charity is the NSPCC and donations can be made here to support this charity and also to support our wide horizons agenda.


Why support the NSPCC?

This has been unanimously chosen as our preferred charity as the organisation works tirelessly to support the most vulnerable members of our society.


How are schools raising money?

Our CEO, Ange Tyler, will be taking part in the Virgin London Marathon in aid of NSPCC. Enthused by Ange’s marathon effort all schools will be taking part in Challenge 26. Inspired by the 26. 2 miles of the marathon, this initiative involves students gaining sponsorship to complete an activity of their choice 26 times; this could be anything from dancing for 26 minutes to taking part in a 26 mile relay.


Why support our Wide Horizons programme?

Every day pupils in GST schools are able to take part in free activities that enrich the lives of our young people. Trips to cultural landmarks, sporting events, celebrations of the arts and enterprise initiatives are just some of the inspiring opportunities available to our pupils. All these opportunities are offered at no cost to our pupils but we are continually finding ways to fund expensive theatre tickets, coach travel and international experiences. GST’s Wide Horizons Agenda is committed to delivering a minimum entitlement of arts, sporting and cultural activities for every single student by increasing the breadth of the curriculum on offer.


To visit our fundraising page and make a donation either click on the fundraising tab above or follow this link