The Family Grows


After nearly two years of planning, attracting expert colleagues, articulating our proven approach to school improvement and matching ourselves to the right schools with the help of the DfE Broker Team, The Griffin Schools Trust welcomed its first school in September 2012. Throughout last academic year we worked to build phase one of the GST family: a small group of schools who share our values but know there is much more to do to build and sustain a successful experience for all their pupils. We were delighted to find Heads who believe that leadership is the key to great schools and who are brave enough to set and energetically pursue a wide agenda beyond the tramlines of standards.

Race Leys Junior (Warwickshire), Perry Wood Nursery and Primary (Worcestershire) and Bramford Primary (Dudley) joined us respectively in the first, second and third terms of last school year. This week, four more schools transfer making a Trust of some 3,500 pupils in seven schools grouped in the Midlands and the South East of England. We are delighted to welcome Kingfisher Primary and Saxon Way Primary (Medway), Riverley Primary (Waltham Forest) and our first secondary school: Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College (Warwickshire). After Autumn half term we will be joined by four more schools, completing the first phase of our establishment with nearly 5,000 pupils in eleven schools.

Each of our Heads brings different talents to the group and all have regular opportunities to learn from each other as well as from the coaching and challenge of Trust senior staff, all of whom have deep and successful backgrounds in school leadership. We reject as a fallacy the notion that only the higher Ofsted rated schools have anything to teach those at grades 3 and 4 and that the grade 1 schools have little to learn from those at more challenging stages. GST focuses on the goals for achieving great schools, such as sophisticated recruitment and deployment of staff, exciting and creative environments for children, rich extra curricular programmes which engage and inspire children,expert strategic financial management to make the most of public funds and subtle but powerful cultures underpinned by language and relationships which permeate the daily lives of children and the adult who work with them.

This week sees the start of that network of mutually trusting, supportive, provocative and challenging relationships between our Heads and the school communities they lead. Watch this space…