Outstanding Riverley



It is with great pride that we announce that Riverley Primary School, in Leyton East London, was judged to be outstanding in all areas in their recent Ofsted inspection. The school joined the Griffin Schools Trust in November 2013 having been placed in Special Measures. The Ofsted team praised the school for the way the culture and climate has been transformed in such a short time. ‘The school provides very well for pupils’ spiritual, social, moral and cultural development. The expectation that pupils always behave well ensures that their social and moral development is first-class. The school’s climate embraces everyone and this ensures that it effectively promotes tolerance and respect for others.’

Justin Creasey, Head of School, was delighted that he was able to show the broad curriculum, the warm culture and the shared values that make Riverley such a special place to be. ‘The curriculum gives pupils an outstanding experience. This is because the school goes out of its way to provide a stimulating curriculum that extends pupils’ learning further than the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics. The school is rightly proud of its focus on the arts and provides specialist teachers for music, art and dance. The work to develop pupils’ creativity helps to ensure that they receive a well-balanced experience.’  We also very pleased that Ofsted acknowledged that this report belongs to everyone in the Riverley community. This report celebrates the incredible teamwork that everyone who visits Riverley comments on. ‘Senior leaders, staff and governors have steered the school skilfully so that it provides an outstanding education for its pupils. This has been achieved by having an inclusive vision, together with a very strong set of values that everyone believes in and strives to reach.’

To find out more or to arrange a visit to experience the outstanding educational environment on offer at Riverley, please visit the school’s website at http://www.riverley-gst.org/