Reflecting on Bedworth Rugby Club’s move to Nicholas Chamberlaine



Due to the expiry of Bedworth RFC’s lease at Rectory Lane in May 2017, their grounds for the previous forty years, the club had to look for a new home. After some ‘field research,’ they started initial negotiations with Nicholas Chamberlaine School and the Griffin Schools Trust. Both sides were excited about what each could offer the other and eager for the partnership to begin.

In their President’s Report for the 2017/18 season, Chris Alexander comments on the benefits of this union seen by both parties:

* Over three weekends a group of club volunteers established two senior and three junior playing surfaces on the designated area of campus.

* The club “gave renewed purpose to a disused building for the benefit of both the club and the school” by turning the old NCS Skills Centre into a gym.

* Through the move, the club managed to retain all existing sponsors as well as gain many new ones due to being much more visible on the school grounds.

* Also after attracting some new grant funding and by “working hand in hand with the RFU Rugby Development Officer (RDO) and the RFU Community Rugby Coach (CRC) the club introduced after school rugby and contributed to the objectives of the RFU All Schools Programme”.

* Finally, and possibly most importantly for GST, the Club President stated in his report that “at the very start of our relationship with the school, the Trust challenged us over the lack of female participation in our club. It was a fair point with female participation being precisely zero. Since moving to the school we have actively recruited and trained two female coaches, fully funded through our coach development programme. We have a female club Secretary, one of the four most senior committee positions and we have a female player registration officer. Probably most importantly, we have recruited a number of female players to the Mini and Junior section all of which are NCS pupils.” They shall continue to work on increasing female participation as they have managed to get this written into the objectives of the Rugby Football Union.

We are very happy to establishing such positive connections with local sporting groups and wish Bedworth Rugby Football club another season of success at NCS.