StantoPanto! Red Riding Hood Versus The Wolf



For a second year, Stantonbury International School is collaborating with Splendid Productions and Greenwich Theatre on a brand new pantomime. This year’s production is a reworking of the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood.
Last year’s Robin Hood was an epic adventure in many ways, not just for the fictional villagers of Stanton-on-the-Berry, but for the whole cast and crew. Working alongside a professional cast & crew gave our young company tremendous experience.
Describing the planning behind this year’s production, writers Ben Hales and Kery Frampton said: 

One of the things we loved the most about last year was working with the student cast from Stantonbury International School. They were a constant source of surprise, intrigue and delight, and we were very impressed by the way they threw themselves so willingly into dances, fight scenes, being comedy animals, and all the other strange tasks that pantomimes require. So we knew from the beginning that this year’s show would involve them even more.

However, which story should we tell with our skilful young team? As writers we like to find unusual angles on familiar stories, so we started thinking about famous tales we could get our teeth into (so to speak). At first glance the story of Red Riding Hood doesn’t give you a lot to go on. We know there is a girl, a grandma, a wolf and a woodcutter, but you could tell that story in about ten minutes, couldn’t you? That made us wonder: what if we did exactly that? What if we then told the same story from the wolf’s point of view? That would be a very fun thing to get the students to do.

Therefore, we imagined the small isolated town of Stanton-on-the-Briar and its annual Red Riding Hood parade. In which the kids of its one and only school perform their own version of the story, unaware that everything they think they know is going to turn out to be something completely different (a bit like when you go to visit your Grandma and she turns out to be a wolf. Add In a charming stranger, a forgetful schoolteacher and a very suspicious Red Riding Hood and suddenly we had a twenty-five year wolf-based mystery just waiting to be solved.

Of course the mystery couldn’t be solved without the brilliant cast, the backstage team and all the wonderful creative and helpful people who have made all this possible, and we thank everyone for being part of another epic Stanto Panto adventure!
The Pantomime shall be running from 8th – 31st of December with three groups of Stantonbury Students on rotation throughout.
To get tickets please visit Stantonbury Theatre’s Website