The Griffin Arts Festival Competition Launch!



Sixth Form students in Lammas, Nicholas Chamberlaine and Stantonbury International will have the opportunity to design and create an original artwork which embodies our Trust theme of ‘Green Planet: Protecting Our World’, accompanied by a descriptive blurb.

The winning artwork will form the background to this year’s Griffin Arts Festival poster, as well as the cover page of our Brochure which is distributed to over 8,000 families.


First place – for the final winning entry:

  • £50 art materials plus a framed poster of with your winning design and an invitation to ‘A night at the Proms’

Special Commendation – for exceptional technical skill:

  • £25 art materials and an invitation to ‘A night at the Proms’

Runners up – For all those shortlisted:

  • An invitation to ‘A night at the Proms’ which will include an exhibition of the shortlisted entries



Monday 8th April 2019, 3:00pm.

Shortlisted entries will be agreed by Friday 12 April 2019.

All shortlisted entries from all the GST Secondary schools will be sent to GST HQ and winner will be decided by our Creative Director.

A selection of these works will be professionally framed and will form part of an exhibition before being rehoused by the school in the new year.