The Griffin Science Symposium!



The Science Symposium is a Proud Tradition within the GST’s event calendar. Stantonbury International School, Milton Keynes, hosted our third annual Symposium on Monday 11th March 2019 to coincide with British Science Week.


Every year the Science Symposium is launched in January by a competition, of which 10 winners from each school are selected to attend the March event. This year the competition was introduced by the stop-motion animation film below which follows Professor Griffin’s journey through an unsustainable world, desperately wanting to find solutions! As part of the competition, students needed to identify and promote strategies to make a difference and persuade peers and family members to make a daily change.



The winning Griffin pupils from years 6 and 7 were then joined together for an action-packed day as Young Scientists. Students were inspired by extraordinary Scientists in their respective fields and through a wide variety of engaging activities.

This year, we were also joined by sixth formers from our three secondary schools, who engaged in a live, cadaver experience – perfect for any students wanting to gain an insight into how the human body functions!

Dr Anne Edwards introduced the day as our guest speaker in the Theatre then students rotated around four sessions to enjoy 40 minute with Smoothie Bikes, Explorer Dome and Mad Science and the John Innes Centre – each tailoring their sessions to align with our Trust theme of Green Planet: Protecting Our World. To find out more, see the booklet below!



The day proved to be our best yet and we are looking forward to improving and planning for our next already! The Trust would like to thank all staff for their support in making the Symposium an incredible event for the students.