Willow Brook are CBBC Celebrities!



As part of the Enrichment co-curricular programme at Willow Brook, Mr Allen, one of the Year 6 teachers led a team of children to take part in the third series of the CBBC TV quiz show, Top Class.

The team was chosen from a first audition held at the school where children from Year 6 answered 80 general knowledge questions in test-like conditions. Children who received the highest scores were then invited to take part in a video audition with staff who worked for the CBBC.

The episode was actually filmed just before the May half term at the BBC studios in Glasgow where the whole series took just a week to record. Team members were lucky enough to have invited a member of family to join them also for the week and stay in paid hotels near the studio, all provided by the TV Company.

The Students from Willow Brook will appear in the first episode of the series beginning on Sunday 3rd September on CBBC.  If you miss it, don’t worry! You can watch the show on BBC iPlayer.

To prepare for auditions for the next series of Top Class, all the Year 6 children at Willow Brook will take part in a Quiz starting in the Michaelmas (Autumn) Term. Children who have the highest scores by the February Half Term will then be invited to take part in the video audition if the school is chosen again to be on the show.

The images show the ‘behind the scenes’ on set and exclusive images of our excited student celebrities ready to challenge themselves and be on national Television!