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GSS 2024

Celebrating science

The theme this year is
‘Energy – our collective spirit makes extraordinary things happen’.

Our eighth symposium will continue to develop our science ambition, ensuring pupils have the chance to engage with science in innovative and thought provoking ways, starting with our Ask a Scientist event and continuing with seminar sessions on astrobiology, renewables and engineering to name a selection. See the videos below for a flavour of what will be on offer for students.

We are always excited to welcome our guest scientists to the symposium, and very grateful that they volunteer their valuable time in order to be grilled by our young Griffin scientist interviewers. Watch this space for further details of our guests at GSS 2024.

Energy and Time

The GST theme this year is Energy, with a further GSS focus on Time, to expand on the Trust theme and encompass the theme for British Science Week (BSW) this year. The concepts work well together on a number of science-related levels; for example, what has our human energy achieved over the millennia? The point is to encourage curiosity and creative thinking in our young Griffin Scientists; they are, after all, our hope for the future!

A time spiral – 4 billion years in the making and counting.



Looking ahead to the 2024 science symposium, we consider time and how humans have tried to measure the concept over the millennia and how energy drives our world. We encourage you to do your own research in advance.

New discoveries in science and their
flow of new inventions will continue
to create a thousand new frontiers
for those who still would adventure.

Herbert Hoover