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Founders Day is a time to reflect on our roots, our identity and our journey.

Our Foundations


Proud Traditions

  • emphasise good hospitality
  • provide good quality food enjoyed communally by children and staff in comfortable and companionable surroundings
  • create own customs and traditions which bind the community and strengthen the sense of belonging
  • tenancy and stewardship
  • develop an understanding of their social responsibility and the scope they have to make a difference in their local communities and as world citizens
  • enjoy school, their varied friends and be proud to be a part of the school community, the Trust family

Wide Horizons

  • emphasise leadership and service
  • explore beyond the familiar and the local
  • demonstrate their commitment to equality and diversity
  • look outwards, nationally and internationally for ideas and partnerships
  • everyones a leader

High Achievement

  • regularly celebrate adult and student achievement
  • give frequent opportunities for children to perform and demonstrate their skills and talents
  • set the bar high and cast the net wide for ideas, artistic and musical works from wider world cultures
  • a focus on impact not action

What it means to be a Griffin…

Griffins have Wisdom, they are:

  • Inquisitive – they seek to learn, and learn to seek.
  • Scholarly – they expect more than the accumulation of information.
  • Articulate – they express ourselves clearly as individuals and as part of a collective.
Griffins have Courage, they are:

  • Honest – they act with integrity, respect and dignity.
  • Open-minded – they appreciate the traditions, history and stories that shape our culture.
  • Innovative – they take risks, as ‘fortune favours the brave’
Griffins show Leadership, they are:

  • Visionary – they empower and do not diminish.
  • Empathetic – they commit to making a positive difference in the world.
  • Reflective – they draw on our strengths and recognise our areas of weakness.

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