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The Board is made up of experienced professionals from the private and public sectors who give their time and expertise to the non-executive leadership of the trust and who hold the CEO and, through her, all school leaders to account.

The trustees, who all sign up to the Nolan principles, act as guardians to and monitors of progress towards the fulfilment of the trust’s vision. They also ensure the highest standards of compliance with all regulators so that the public money which funds the education of our children is efficiently and effectively deployed. The Chair has regular meetings with Chairs of local governing boards to ensure a good two-way flow of information and influence.

The Board holds an annual joint planning day with the CEO’s team to update a self-evaluation using the Trust Assurance Framework, along with a skills audit. These provide the context for the trust development plan and the training agenda for the following academic year.

Schools are accountable to the trust board through their local governing boards. See governance structure.

If you would like to volunteer your time as a local governor or trustee we would love to hear from you, please email your CV to to register your interest.

Trustees link to the Governance Portal.


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