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GSF 2020

Celebrating sport

The Trust’s theme this year was ‘Reimagining Community: Innovation for the Future’.

The Griffin Sports Festival 2020 took place from the 21st – 25th September and was the first time the event was held virtually.

Schools were tasked with planning an exciting timetable of sport in addition to participating in sports challenges set by the GST Sports Team.

Whole School Sport Challenge

Using a recognised app or tool for measuring distance, each school loged how far they travelled on foot during the course of the GSF week. The distance could be completed by either running or walking and at home or school but must have been formally logged so that evidence could be submitted to show accurate distances. Staff and students were both encouraged to participate and the winning school was the one that travelled the furthest distance during the week.

Individual Sport Challenge

Students challenged themselves to complete a duathlon (bike and run) either at home or school relative to their age group:
  • KS1 – 200m run and 500m bike/scooter
  • KS2 – 400m run and 800m bike/scooter
  • KS3 – 800m run and 1600m bike (static/pedal)
  • KS4 – 1000m run and 200m bike (static/pedal)
  • KS5 – undertake a duathlon of your choosing but must be further than the KS4 challenge



Images from the 2020 sports festival

Anything is possible... part of it is how much you want to do it!

Tanni Grey-ThomsonParalympian