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GSF 2022

Celebrating sport

The theme this year was ‘Family’.

This year saw a variation to the schedule with athletics taking the place of swimming. Students trained hard and prepared to complete in a wide range of activities, including: discus, javelin, chest push, speed bounce, long jump and standing triple jump. The individual and team successes were impressive!


The bond within a family can be compared to the camaraderie found in a sports team, as both share a common goal of fostering growth, resilience, and teamwork. Whether it is a parent cheering from the sidelines, siblings sharing a passion, or generations passing down sporting traditions, the theme of family is an enduring and motivating aspect of the sporting world, exemplifying the power of love and unity in pursuit of excellence. As a family, the GST community comes together to rise to any challenge, learn from our mistakes and celebrate our achievements.



Images from the 2022 sports festival

A successful team beats
with one heart.