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GSF 2023

Celebrating sport

The theme this year was ‘Energy – our collective
spirit makes extraordinary things happen’.

The theme was used to encourage participation, collaboration and competition. Our Griffin Sports Festival is always an annual opportunity to explore our unifying theme and to try new things in safe and supportive surroundings. Thank you to everyone for making it such as success!

Sport and energy are closely linked in a symbiotic relationship that fuels both physical achievement and mental resilience. Athletes harness their inner reservoirs of energy to push the boundaries of human performance, whether it’s sprinting down a track, powering through a grueling match, or executing precision moves on the field. Energy, in the form of calories and metabolic processes, provides the necessary fuel for muscles to contract, hearts to beat, and brains to strategise. Moreover, the sheer passion and enthusiasm generated by sports can invigorate spectators and participants alike, channeling their energies into a shared, electrifying experience. In this dynamic interplay, sport becomes a vehicle for the expression and cultivation of human energy, both physical and emotional, driving us to strive for great things and inspiring us to achieve our goals.

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Images from the 2023 sports festival

The only one who can tell
you ‘you can’t win’ is you,
and you don’t have to listen.