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Welcome to the Griffin Arts Festival, our seventh annual festival of the arts. GAF 2020 is like no other because of the Covid pandemic and never before have the arts been so important in uniting our communities. A GST education, challenges our students to think about who they will become for themselves and for the world: the arts and culture are key ways to consider these questions. Griffins everywhere, supported by their schools, are developing imagination, curiosity and creativity as they explore our theme of Festival – a celebration of celebration!

We are delighted that GAF 2020 will continue to promote the ambitious artistic content that has been established over the last six years.

The full interactive programme of daily activities and events that pupils and families are taking part in this week can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

GAF Online Activity Programme 2020

Everything you need for the activities can also be found on the GAF website here.

Thank you to all the pupils who have helped us to get excited about GAF 2020 over the last few weeks by creating GAF countdown videos.