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Schools planned exciting, engaging and enriching science opportunities for the students to be part of, using the Trust theme of Energy and incorporating British Science Week’s theme of Time. Activities included:

  • Making biodegradable plastic;
  • Taking part in the wind power challenge – using STEM skills to design and make a model wind turbine that generates power;
  • Building mice rockets in EYFS, among a plethora of other experiences across the schools.

A keynote introduction by Dr Anne Edwards of the John Innes Centre launched GSS 2024, focusing on plant energy and scientific enquiry; once again we are very grateful to Dr Edwards for her staunch support for the Science Symposium.

Students were also treated to an inspirational ‘Make Time for Science’ interactive film by Rolfe Williams and an ‘Ask a Scientist’ event with guest speakers in collaboration with the Enthuse Project and Riverley Primary School; this student-led event was recorded and shared with all Trust schools, enabling our young Griffin scientists the chance to question experts in their fields and listen to their science journeys.

Students also took part in a live science lecture on astrophysics, the age of the universe and space exploration by Dr Alice Dunford of the Open University, a fascinating and extremely thought-provoking interactive session leading to a LOT of student questions for Dr Dunford.

GSS 2024 has really opened up a scientific world of learning without limits for our future scientists!

Keynote Address by Dr Anne Edwards