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The Griffin Schools Trust proudly unveiled the eighth edition of its much-anticipated Griffin Sports Festival (GSF) on 05-06 October.

The annual Griffin Sports Festival is a proud tradition that inspires the spirit of fair play, enthusiasm, and unity. Embracing the theme of ‘Energy’ this year, the festival celebrateed not only the skills of the participants, but also the resilience and determination of everyone involved, from the Trust’s student-athletes and dedicated staff coaches to our passionate community partners.

This year’s festival explored the very essence of ‘energy’, from comparing the kinetic energy in a sprinter’s dash to the potential energy stored in a coiled spring to the infectious energy that resonates in a team’s cheer.

Sport plays a vital role in the educational journey of young people, fostering teamwork, self-discipline, and resilience. The Griffin Sports Festival acts as a platform for students to explore different sports, discover their interests and talents, and ignite a lifelong passion for physical activity.

Anne Powell, Chief Executive, Griffin Schools Trust, comments:

“The Griffin Sports Festival is just one example of how our family of schools has embraced the vision of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement.

Through sporting participation, we are nurturing talent, building confidence, and celebrating success, equipping our young Griffins for the myriad of opportunities that lie ahead. The ‘Energy’ theme this year mirrors the enthusiasm our students bring, both in the classroom and on the field.”

Hosted at the illustrious Pingles Stadium, this two-day extravaganza will showcased a plethora of sports, from individual Athletics to team Handball. Each primary school within the Trust was represented by a team of 12 (six boys and six girls), while each secondary school had two teams of 12.

Every participant was awarded with a certificate and standout performers & teams were rewarded with medals.

The leaderboard at the end of this festival was as follows:

Primary:                               Secondary:
1st – Lordswood                       1st – Nicholas Chamberlaine A

2nd – Park Lane                       2nd – Nicholas Chamberlaine B

3rd – Bramford                        3rd – Lammas A

A special fair play award was presented to Chivenor, the team that best embodied the GSF pledge.


For more information about the Griffin Sports Festival, please visit our website: